Kristina Lerner

Title Varde
Year 2009
Print C-print

Paper size 50x50 cm
Price On request

Edition of 10
Print provenance Artist

Markings Signed and numbered by the artist on the verso

Extra print info N/A

Artist Biography

Kristina Lerner was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. In 2002 she graduated from Russian New University, majoring in World Culture. A few years later she moved to St. Petersburg, where she still lives and works as a freelance photographer. She also leads photo workshops in St. Petersburg photography schools.

Kristina grew up in a creative family. Father was a musician and her mother worked as a model. So she was in love with art since childhood. At age 10 she began studying painting, which eventually led her to photography. Now Kristina Lerner does not divide her work into genres. She photographed the streets, people and expressing herself in alternative and creative photography.

That's what she says about her works: "The main thing for me - is to feel the point of coincidence of external and internal and to be able to catch it in time and bring in photography. Every moment has it's own feeling and it’s own sound. No matter what I photograph: a portrait or the city’s scene - the picture should be filled with emotion and atmosphere of this unique second."

Kristina Lerner photographing for more than five years. During this time her work has appeared in magazines such as “Digital Photo”, “Opinio”, “Foto and Video”, “Photo Delo”, and others. She also took part in many exhibitions and festivals dedicated to photography and experimental art.

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Artist published in EYEMAZING

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