Kajsa Gullberg

Title Olivia.01
Year 2009
Print Lambda print

Paper size 33 x 50 cm
Price On request

Paper size #2 100 x 150 cm
Price #2 On request

Edition of 12

Markings Authenticity certificate signed & numbered by the artist

Extra print info N/A

Artist Biography

Kajsa Gullberg (1977) is a stubborn Scandinavian woman who works as a photographer and graphic designer. Whatever the work is fine art or commercial, the expression is extremely personal and edgy no matter what. The commercial work is mostly in collaborations with musicians.
Her photographic expression is raw and yet poetic. She says “I put myself in situations that make me vulnerable, so that I can remember what it is like to be taken pictures of. And then I'm seeking the traces that bind us together.”
She´s been called “All the beautiful outsiders photographer”. In her work she constantly returns to subcultures and alienations of different kinds.
Born, raised, educated, lives and works in Sweden and Denmark.

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Artist published in EYEMAZING

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