Elena Oganesyan

Title Tears
Year 2011
Print Inkjet-print

Paper size 50x50 cm
Price On request

Edition of 7, nr. 1/7
Print provenance Artist

Markings Signed and numbered by the artist

Extra print info Fine Art 100 percent cotton paper

Artist Biography

People tend to hide their innermost feelings. We don’t like to discuss them nor we express them in daily life. Through photography I connect with my own hidden fears and desires, fix inner chaos.
Most of my works I shoot on long exposure. This technique fills the whole process of shooting with energy, every second of it. Its feels like catching a moment, being in contact with light and human body, watching them transforming in an incredible way and you are not in control of this transformation. It seems like someone else is there working with you.
To escape reality or to expand it I let light and movement to pass through the seconds of long exposure, in this way I express myself. My works don't tell stories, they move through senses.
I was born in 1979 in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts, where I specialised in publishing. For several years studied Literature in College Universitaire Francais of Lomonosov Moscow State University. I came to photography in 2008. Currently live and work in Moscow.

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Artist published in EYEMAZING
Annual Pictorial Vol.II

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