Artur Kowallick

Title Untitled nr.1
Year 2010
Print Handmade toned silver gelatin unique print, mounted with an acid free archival cardboard 40/50 cm

Paper size 18 x 20 cm
Price On request

Edition of 5+1 AP
Print provenance Artist

Markings Signed and stamped and numbered by the artist on the verso

Extra print info Archival washed-Selen toned-bleached-toned in coffee/tea/etc.

Artist Biography

Artur Kowallick
1962 Born in Poland, lives and works in Berlin, Germany
1983 Assistant at Heinrich Heidersberger
1987- 1989 Education as photographer in Berlin at Lette Verein
2005 Exibition "Heart of darkness" in Berlin
The three questions in Artur Kowallick's work are: "What is beauty?"..."What means border"...and "Go across the border".

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Artist published in EYEMAZING

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