EYEMAZING Book Selected Reviews

EYEMAZING Book Selected Reviews
A phenomenal range of works … magnificently curated and is consequently read, or experienced, like a sequence of visions: lucid and flowing.
– Aesthetica
Retina-searing visual confrontation meets a 19th-century Pictorialist approach to craft.
– The World of Interiors
A breathtaking overview of the most collectible and daringly original
contemporary art photography.
– World Photo
It offers a feast of poetic, evocative, complex, shocking and fascinating images.
– Art Quarterly
To our good fortune, the sensual and surreal themes that drive this bold, award-winning publication have recently been distilled into a hefty large-format collection.
— Rangefinder
A must-have for anyone interested in photography.
— Lurzer’s International Archive
A staggering volume of imagery. . . . Dreams, memory, mystery, and other intangibles are the common traits that unite the magic found in the pages of Eyemazing.
— Feature Shoot

picture: Eyemazing Susan's hand-made book maquette

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